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The Required Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Required Nintendo Switch Accessories The Nintendo Switch has been the number 1 console this holiday season. It has become one of the biggest selling consoles of all time despite being released in March rather than launched during the holidays. It has dominated Cyber Monday

How Pokémon Go Changed AR Gaming

How Pokémon Go Changed AR Gaming Augmented Reality is a term that should not be confused with Virtual Reality. Where Virtual Reality consists of a completely computer generated world where you interact with virtual objects, Augmented Reality places virtual objects in a real world environment.

Most Popular e-Sports

The World’s Most Popular e-Sports For most of the modern world’s history, sports were confined to either a field, a racetrack, or the great outdoors. No one ever imagined that when video games first became popular, they would one day grow to be among the

Best New PC Games of 2017

Best New PC Games of 2017 There was certainly no shortage of new and exciting PC games released throughout 2017 and we haven’t even reached the end of the year yet! Take a look at our top-rated new PC games for this year, which should

Improving FPS

Improving Frames Per Second in Games If you’re a lover of PC gaming, you’ll know that frames per second, or FPS, play a major factor in getting the most enjoyment out of your favourite game. While consoles are most commonly locked at 30 FPS, and