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eSports Guide

The Best eSports Gear

The Best eSports Gear – What The Pros Use We’ve watched as eSports has gone from a community-based competition to among the world’s most popular sports. We’ve seen professional players at their prime, battling it out against equally-skilled opponents for the ultimate victory. We’ve watched

Breaking Into The eSports Scene

In today’s world, more and more people are becoming interested in competitive video games. In fact, it’s believed that esports are the reason that physical sports, such as football and rugby, are starting to see a decline in numbers around the world.

How Twitch Has Changed Game Reviews

Do you remember the days when you surfed the web reading endless game reviews? Or when one bad review from a popular game reviewer would spell certain death for a new game? But now, thanks to YouTube, and more recently Twitch, game reviews have changed

The Beginners Guide to Betting on eSports

The Beginners Guide to Betting on eSports As eSports continues to establish itself in popular culture and become increasingly more dominant, the rate at which punters are choosing to bet on eSports is growing exponentially. As regular sports don’t interest everyone, eSports have opened up

Top eSports Tournaments and Leagues

Popular eSports Tournaments and Leagues eSports have changed since the early days especially when it comes to leagues and professional tournaments.  eSports is growing tremendously and attracts large audiences which are continuously increasing.  This also means that leagues and tournaments are also changing.  Here are

Definition of eSports

What are eSports? For those who are avid gamers or who have not played for years most people have heard about electronic sports (eSports).  This business has been estimated to bring in around $1.5 billion by the year 2020 and there have been prize pools

Guide To Choosing The Right eSport

Choosing The Right eSports For Beginners eSports are taking the world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. With fast-paced, competitive action that sees some of the world’s best gamers fight for the ultimate win, eSports are just as enthralling and entertaining as

Most Popular e-Sports

The World’s Most Popular e-Sports For most of the modern world’s history, sports were confined to either a field, a racetrack, or the great outdoors. No one ever imagined that when video games first became popular, they would one day grow to be among the

Definitive History of eSports

The Definitive History of eSports

Even though competitive video gaming has been around for almost as long as video games themselves, there is no way that the forefathers of video gaming could’ve predicted just how popular eSports would become. What started out as a niche pastime practised by hobbyists has

eSports Tournaments

Definitive Guide to eSports Games and eSports Tournaments

While many people may just be getting into watching eSports games, back in 2013 it was established that 71.5 million people worldwide watched eSports and the increasing availability of online streaming platforms, particularly, have become fundamental to the growth and promotion of tournaments and