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How Pokémon Go Changed AR Gaming

Augmented Reality is a term that should not be confused with Virtual Reality. Where Virtual Reality consists of a completely computer generated world where you interact with virtual objects, Augmented Reality places virtual objects in a real world environment.

Pokémon GO Billion Dollar Mobile Game

Billion Dollar Mobile Games

We’ve certainly come a long way since playing our favourite serpent game on green-screened Nokias and when many of us bought our first mobile devices ever, we could never have imagined the world of possibilities which would be revealed to us over the ensuing years.

Smartphone Games

Comprehensive Guide to Smartphone Games

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Android, Apple, or Windows smartphone devices there is definitely a game perfectly suited to whichever device you prefer. We don’t expect the Android vs. Apple war to ever stop raging, but we have plenty of mobile phone games recommendations

Mobile Technology Addiction

Mobile Technology Addiction 

It’s no secret, mobile devices with their smart capability have taken over, and the new technology available to users in the palm of their hands is more accessible and convenient than any static desktop or portable laptop ever was. Loaded with smart features, useful apps