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The Best New Xbox One Games Releasing in 2019

Microsoft’s Xbox One may be turning 6 years old this year, but this simply means 6 years of incredible gaming experiences and 2019 is set to be no different. While this list may not seem very long at all, we had to choose our absolute

The Top Five Graphics Cards of 2019

Graphics cards have come a long way in recent years, with most cards boasting full 1080p gameplay, often into the 120 frames per second range. The release of Nvidia’s Turing cards like the RTX 2080 have provided an entirely fresh line of cards, and while

The Best Mobile Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories For Smartphones Smartphones have come a long way since they were first introduced by Apple over ten years ago. In that time, we’ve seen them grow into powerful devices that are fit to rival most mid-tier computer systems in some cases. This is

Console Versus PC Gaming

Console Versus PC Gaming There is no doubt that it is a good time to be a gamer. With the industry virtually exploding in the last few decades, there are more extremely high quality games than ever before, and means by which to play them.

Buying The Perfect Gaming Laptop

Buying The Perfect Gaming Laptop As more and more jobs shift over into the remote niche, more young people are finding the freedom to work at home. While it’s always nice to have an office with a desktop, a laptop can work just as well,

Choosing The Best Smartphones for Gaming

Choosing The Best Smartphones for Gaming Mobile gaming is quickly becoming the standard of modern gaming, and we’re starting to see more advanced games on the various app markets. From 3D shooters to traditional platforms, game developers are turning to the mobile market as their

The Beginners Guide to Betting on eSports

The Beginners Guide to Betting on eSports As eSports continues to establish itself in popular culture and become increasingly more dominant, the rate at which punters are choosing to bet on eSports is growing exponentially. As regular sports don’t interest everyone, eSports have opened up