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A Guide to Buying a Gaming Keyboard

A Guide to Buying a Gaming Keyboard So you’ve purchased your first gaming computer, and now you need to get hold of some accessories to get it running. A mouse and screen are generally quite easy to get hold of, but one mistake that many

The Different Kinds of LCD Monitors

The Different Kinds of LCD Monitors Building a computer these days means acquiring a few core parts that allow the computer to run properly, with one of these being a monitor. Today’s computer monitors are almost all in the form of LCD, or liquid crystal

The Best VR Headsets Worth Buying

The Best Virtual Reality Headsets Worth Buying Today When virtual reality first hit the public market around two years ago, most gamers were extremely sceptical about the viability of the new technology. Not only was it often prohibitively expensive for most people, but often enough

Nintento Switch Latest Updates

A Look At The Switch’s Latest Updates The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most successful console launches of all time, and in the short period that it’s been available to the public, it’s already gone a series of updates and improvements, with the

The 6 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2018

The 6 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2018 Apps are used for a variety of purposes in this technologically driven age, but just because they’re helpful doesn’t mean they have to expensive. Since you’re likely already paying a small fortune for your Apple device, you

Benefits of Gaming on a PC

Advantages of PC Gaming Gaming has really taken off and is something that people of all ages are enjoying.  Some gamers prefer PC while others prefer console gaming.  This article will look at some of the benefits of PC gaming. How Steam has Impacted PC

Top Android Game Options

Top Android Game Options Android’s game catalogue has grown considerably recently, so we decided to create a list highlighting the best of what’s available. Most of these titles are free, while others have a very small fee in place, but they’re all guaranteed to entertain

Free Android Games

Free Android Games Take a look at the best free and fun Android games on offer right now. We’ve rounded up the ones we love and think you should check out too. Mad Skills BMX 2 Mad Skills BMX 2 is a racing game where

Future of Video Games

The Future of Video Games There was once a time when video games were nothing more than a few pixels on a screen. Over time, screens begun having more pixels, which means developers were now able to make better looking games. Alongside the visuals, games